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Yarnia Closing its Brick & Mortar Store, Moving to Online-Only Sales

Dear Yarnia Friends,

We have some big news to share! As many of you may know, I have a second crafty business in addition to Yarnia, the Urban Craft Uprising. While I’ve been organizing UCU for over 10 years now(!), the last year or so has really been something else, with explosive growth in the number of shows we are managing, and now a retail shop as well.

While I wish there were twice as many hours in the day, sadly there are not, and I am finding myself in the position of having to downscale somewhere.

What I’ve decided to do is close our brick & mortar location on Belmont Street, and convert Yarnia to online-only sales. While I know many of you will miss having the option to come pick out your yarn in person and to be able to watch it be wound up on the spot, the silver lining is that this is a solution that will allow me to keep Yarnia in business, still keep creating all the wonderful yarns that you know and love, and still be able to offer the same online services that we always have — including email, chat, and phone consultations, allowing you to design your own yarn using our Custom Yarn Creator, and to continue our conversations about the projects, yarns, and ideas that we all love over all our channels of social media.

I also look forward to the fact that less time spent managing our brick & mortar store means I’ll have more time and energy available to share the fun new yarns we’re making with you online, and to share my own projects with you that will hopefully inspire ideas of your own!
Stay tuned for more details about some fun sales we’ll be running to downsize our inventory a bit and to prepare for this move over the next couple of months.
We are actively seeking a replacement tenant for our Belmont space, so please be in touch if you have any leads or interest yourself!
Thanks for 8 and a half wonderful years!
~ Lindsey Ross

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  1. First I must comment on that fabulous photograph of the trees providing such a wonderful canopy over the path. How I would love to walk along that path! I am sure many people will miss your brick and mortar store, as I hear people say so often that they like to feel the yarn before they buy. Myself, I now order online because the traffic has become too much for me since we moved to the retirement community. I wish you the very best of luck in all your endeavors!

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