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WiP :: Gradient Weaving

A few weeks ago, a customer returned one of our rental looms, with a good deal of warp still left on it.  I’d been wanting to play around with a gradient idea I’d had, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, before I cut the work off to make it available for the following week’s warping class.

The warp she’d used was our Brown Sheep NatureSpun wool, which is a little bit thinner than is meant for this size reed, but I think works great as long as the weft is fairly thick.  I’ve been liking how it feels to use 2 strands of bamboo together for the weft, and this also allowed me to get creative between colors, transitioning out one of the 2 colors instead of both at once, to merge between one shade and the next.

Gradient Weaving

Because the light blue and darker blue are so different in tone, the rows with the combined weft look spottier than I’d like, while the darker blue and olive green are more similar in tone, making the combined weft look more blended, which I like.  Another option I’m going to try is to pair one solid color bamboo with one of our variegated colorways, and see how that helps to transition from one color to the next.

Gradient Weaving

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