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Write What You Want To Read

Does anyone else read the blog Orangette?  I really try not to eat in front of my computer, but sometimes it’s my only chance to really zone out and indulge in my favorite blogs, and this is one of them, written by Molly Wizenberg who owns Delancey up in Seattle.

Awhile back, I was reading this post, and a certain part of it really caught my eye.  It was the paragraph that read:

I read somewhere a while ago – maybe on Chocolate & Zucchini, back when Clotilde was writing her very first book – this piece of advice: “Write what you want to read.” It’s pithy, and it sounds obvious, but it meant something to me, and it still does. I think it applies to everything, not just writing. It’s why Brandon had the idea to open Delancey: because he wanted to eat really great pizza in Seattle, and he wanted it badly enough to learn how to make it himself. I’ve witnessed it over and over among friends in the food industry and other creative fields: the projects that catch fire, the projects that really go somewhere, come out of a genuine desire to do something that you want to see done.

It reminded me so much of my first few months in Seattle back in 2006, back in my hometown after going to school in Montreal, driving to every yarn shop within 50 miles of the city to see if someone there would register a familiar expression or excitement when I explained to them the kind of yarn shop I was looking for, the kind that would replace what had been my go-to LYS in Montreal, the one where they let me make my own yarn.

After the 15th or 16th failed attempt, I remember my boyfriend at the time simply telling me, “It doesn’t exist.  You should stop talking about it and putting the thought into people’s heads, and just make it happen.”  And I remember how, even though it seemed like a crazy suggestion (and it still seems like a crazy suggestion), it was also the one that made absolute sense, and once it was out there on the table, also seemed unavoidable.


Pretty pleased with my first pallet delivery, circa 2009

I always say that I’m so glad I had no idea what opening a store actually meant when I decided to do it, because I never would have gone through with it.  Not to say that I regret it in any way, but…I’m just glad I didn’t know.  And once you get it in your head that there is no option but to move forward, every little obstacle or unknown has to be surmountable, because there’s no other choice.

Have you launched a project or a business out of this same genuine desire?  What was your impetus, and where did it lead you?

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