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WIP :: Jasmine Scarf

A few weeks ago, sitting next to one of our Knit & Crochet Night regulars, I found myself totally smitten by the scarf she was working on.  Although hers was made out of a soft pure white yarn, I immediately pictured a version in a dark, dark purple, specifically one that used our deep purple alpaca.  I asked her for the name of that pattern and — funny enough — when I went to add it to my Ravelry queue, I realized it was already in there, apparently added so long ago that I had forgotten about it.

Jasmine Scarf

This is the Jasmine Scarf, a free pattern from Purl Soho.  It’s a pretty quick pattern to get the hang of, with only 2-row repeats once you cast on.  I’ve separated the repeat sections here with stitch markers (which I tend to do with just about every project — it makes social knitting so much easier when you don’t have to count!) and am loving how it’s turning out so far.  You can see that even with my heart set on a solid purple yarn at the outset, I couldn’t help but add a strand of purpley-magenta in here, which complements that purple alpaca beautifully.

Jasmine Scarf

I’ve been way more into cowls than scarves lately, so even though I’m working this back and forth vertically, I may end up joining the two ends when it’s done to make a complete circle.  We’ll see!

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