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WiP :: Rikke Hat

A quick and easy hat like this one, knit entirely in stretchy, squishy garter stitch, is a perfect little project to have in your purse for on-the-go knitting.  Essentially, all you’re doing here is knitting around and around on circular needles (switching from knit to purl between each row to achieve the garter stitch pattern, since you’re knitting in the round rather than back-and-forth), and you don’t have to think about a single thing until you’ve made it through 9″ and are ready to start decreasing for the crown.

Rikke hat

Perfect for social knitting where you want to focus on your friends, not on your project.

In fact, I knitted this hat during the first 2 hours of my weaving class each day, lecture-style sessions we’d have before we moved on to the actual hands-on loom work.

And, even better, Rikke is a free pattern on Ravelry, and it’s working up like a dream in this alpaca/merino blend that I’ve chosen.

Rikke Hat

Uh, maybe I got a little too carried away with the garter rows!  No, in fact, that is actually the height that it calls for, before decreasing for the crown, but for some reason when I follow a hat pattern it is ALWAYS too tall for me.  (What does that mean, that I have a short forehead?)  So, I’m ripping back quite a few inches in fact, and making this hat more fitted than slouchy.

Rikke hat

Which means that I’ll have some of this yarn left over for something else!



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