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WiP :: Hollywell Cardigan

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing my annual cleanse, which means lots of time hanging out at home.  The downside is, I can go a little stir-crazy eating every meal at home, and not having a social life outside of Jesse and Tucker unless a friend wants to come sit at my kitchen counter while I cook up creatively clean meals, or unless someone’s interested in joining me for a meal at Blossoming Lotus, where they cater to food restrictions as happily as the Allergy Pride Parade on Portlandia (which my two besties did with me last Thursday night, such a welcome treat!).

The upside, however, is that I’ve recently gotten to spend many evenings with my book stand set up in the living room, making progress on my Hollywell Cardigan.

Hollywell Cardigan

I’m at the fun part where I get to add in the stripe sequencing.  Once you decide which of your three colors will be Color A, Color B, and Color C, all you need to do is follow their sequencing for how many rows to knit of each.  I’m loving how the pink, grey, and dark brown are all complementing each other!

Hollywell Cardigan

Here’s the front side, and a mock simulation of how the two sides will come together when it’s all finished.  I can’t remember if the pattern calls for a zipper or buttons, but either way I’m definitely going with the latter.  I’m a button girl, always.

Hollywell Cardigan

And my favorite part is these cut little kangaroo pockets!  I love being able to slide my hands into my pockets sideways and while these don’t meet in the middle, clearly, because it’s a cardigan, I love the fact that they look like they could.  Almost to the sleeves!

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