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WiP :: Queen Anne Mitts

If you’re finding yourself re-starting the Queen Anne Mitts a few times before you get it right, don’t fret, you’re not alone!  While the faux cabled pattern saves you from having to carry around an actual cable needle, there are a handful of things to keep track of within this pattern — even within the same row — that’s been tricky for some of us to figure out.

For example, the beaded rib pattern that continues throughout the mitt throughout the non-charted parts of each round means that — though it’s a simple pattern — every other row you’ll be switching up whether you’re doing a K1P1 rib, or just straight knitting.  At the same time, you’re advancing through each of the 8 rows of the charted pattern, which repeat after reaching row 8.

Combine that with some gusset increases, and you’re juggling a lot of information here!

Jesse's Vest

I myself have been alternating between these mitts and Jesse’s Christmas vest during our Knit & Crochet Nights, so I’m just barely past the gusset increases, myself.

Come join us this Monday, whether or not you need some guidance in working through the mitts — tonight we’ll also be hosting a Holiday Decoration Workshop, so you’ll have a myriad of choices for projects to work on!

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