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WiP :: Packing!!

Okay, okay, maybe not a traditional WiP in the knitting sense…but a work in progress, indeed!  Packing up a 600 square foot space seems like it should be easy…but no matter whether it’s your first apartment or your first storefront, 6 and a half years worth of stuff has the same accumulation factor.

I’ve moved a decent number of times in my life, and those who know me may not be surprised to learn that I start packing early.  Weeks, sometimes months in advance.  Because really, when you move your home, how much of that stuff do you really need to access in the immediate future, anyway?

Heck, when I moved back to the West Coast from Montreal back in ’06, I had a 2-month long perpetual garage sale, hosted in my apartment on the rainy spring days, and out on the street on the nice ones!

perpetual garage sale

I made $1200 selling all this stuff! I even sold a menorah to a Hassidic 8-year-old!

But, moving a storefront has the added stress of get it done as quickly as you can!  I am aiming for optimally few “closed” days here (ambitiously, one and a half!), so I want everything to be ready to be whisked away in a giant truck on June 1st, transported a mile up the road, and unloaded before sunset.

At the same time, I’m sitting here at work during these gloriously sunny days, itching in my seat because I can’t start packing up quite yet.  There are astonishingly few things in the shop that can be packed away into a box, and not missed during the next week-ish that we need to be running business as usual, while the new space is finished out.  (I hear the walls got their color today!)

So, yesterday I did what I always do right before a big move, when I’m in this antsy place of knowing there is so much work ahead of me, but not being able to get a headstart quite yet: I make a list.

Not just a list, but a list of every single thing that needs to go, and where it will be going to.  This is just about as good as actually packing in my mind, because the part of packing that is the most time-consuming is the decision-making, right?  Anyone can stick something in a box.

I got really hard core serious about this a couple years ago during one of my various moves:

packing list

Umm…please don’t overlook the fact that “nutritional yeast” earned its own line item on this spreadsheet.

This time, maybe not *quite* so compulsive, but still just as helpful.

packing list


Even though not a single box is packed yet, knowing that this list covers every aspect of the store, and that I’ve already made the decision about where every single one will go, is astoundingly relieving.  Now all this really boils down to is a to-do list, and that’s where I’m in my comfort zone!

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