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Knit Lounging Pajamas!

Recently, a customer donated a giganto box of old knitting magazines to our shop.  (We’re talking 1950s through 1970s here — golden years indeed.)  Their pages are filled with nonstop entertainment — from vintage knitting, crochet, and needlework patterns to adorable recipes (“Cauliflower and Cheese,” for example) to the most absurd body-slimming advertisements you’ve ever seen.  Each week, we’ll post a tidbit from one of these magazines to brighten your Wednesday afternoon.  Leave a guess as to what issue this tidbit came from (Month, Year) in the comments beneath this post on our Facebook page.  If you have the closest guess by midnight tonight, we’ll pop the hard copy issue in the mail to you and it’s yours to keep.  Ready?  Go!

for maytime and after

“For Maytime and After.” Love it!

Knit Lounging Pajamas

I got so excited about these…until I realized they were scaled to fit a doll. 1 oz. fingering weight yarn!

Oh that mary Kay

60 bottles of M-K pure vanilla? Sounds like someone was dreaming up Amazon Prime before their time…


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