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FO :: DROPS Crocheted Skirt (a.k.a. Happy New Year!)

No time like the dead of winter to finish off a crocheted skirt!  That’s kind of how things roll around here, though.  They always get finished…but usually about six months behind schedule.


DROPS Crocheted Skirt

bamboo / cotton / wool / nylon

860 yards

cost of materials: $65.82



However, I did receive an awesome Christmas present this week that’s going to really help the cause:

Jesse got me a shelf for the living room so I can keep all my WIPs and cones all nice and tidy.  (Previously, they were piled in a New Seasons shopping bag which was stuffed under the end table.  Moving up in the world!)  This is the room where 80% of my knitting takes place (we have taken hibernating and lounging to a whole new level this year), so it’s nice to have it right there in my face, reminding me what I can (or need to) work on.

Whew, 2012 was a doosey, wasn’t it?  I somehow got lucky and only caught the peripheral fallout of the drama that 2012 brought onto many people in my life…but I’m still ready to turn the page.

And already have my sights set on a spring halter top dresses, apparently.

This just happened while a customer was swatching up a worsted weight grey yarn for her daughter’s sweater.  Didn’t even know this was lurking in my brain until today.

But that’s going to stay in the research phases for now.  This week is for hunkering down and catching up.  I got to have a fantastically fun New Year’s, with one of my favorite bands putting on a 3-day show at the Crystal Ballroom, each night of music kicked off by streaming the Madison Square Garden Phish shows in various venues, and spending New Year’s Day with Jesse, in our pajamas, eating and watching movies on the couch.

New Year’s Day Breakfast. Opted for the couch instead of brunch lines.

And then the inevitable.  This only happens to me once ever few years, but when it does, I’m reminded that this is the downside of being your own boss.  You can’t call in sick.  So thank god for homemade ginger-cayenne-chicken-noodle soup.


Happy New Year!!

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