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Housewarming Galore

Two of my good friends have been in the process of buying their first house for the past few months, and just the other day, for a sunny afternoon potluck (before heading out to see Roger Waters perform The Wall live!), I got to see it in person for the first time.

The official housewarming party isn’t until June 16th, which feels like a totally appropriate deadline for a killer housewarming present.

Their house is totally awesome — retro, funky, HUGE, with sort of a Brady Bunch feel to it.  Plus, they just bought this amazing vintagey baby blue couch — stout and boxy and cute!

So, here’s what I’m thinking: a housewarming triumvirate.

1) Coasters

Coaster :: image via Ravelry

I’m going to make a set of 6 of these in 100% bamboo — 3 in our spruce colorway, and 3 in the teal colorway — to complement this gorgeous new couch of theirs.

2) A serious kitchen towel.

Bubble Up Towel :: image via Ravelry

Except I’m going to make it in a creamy off-white color, with the little bobbles being orange and brown, to match the retro woodsiness of their kitchen.

The bobbles are tricky to wrap your head around at first, but after the first set, I think I have it down.


3) The essential dish towel

Leftover Dishtowel :: photo via Ravelry

I used our variegated bamboo, and some orange and yellow cotton to make a blend that looks almost exactly like this one.  I’ve already started knitting up the waffle pattern and it looks fantastic.  I can’t wait to see it hanging in the sunlight off of their kitchen sink!

I’ll go over all these projects in depth once I have a little more progress made (I went with the start-them-all-at-once approach, naturally), but just wanted to give you all a sneak preview!  Summahtime knitting at its best!

2 Responses to Housewarming Galore

  1. I love this color above, would sure be nice also for chrochet dishcloths.
    Pauline Bezette in Alaska, Do you sell this varagiated color of oranges and yellows?

    • It’s not one of our official house blends yet, Pauline, but we do have the ingredients to re-create it, and I’m already liking it so much myself I’m thinking it might just have to become one! If you’d like me to whip one up for you just shoot me an email at info@yarniapdx.com and we can work it out 🙂

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