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2013 Yarn of the Year Contest

You heard that right, it’s that time of the year already!  Much more info coming soon about our Five-Year Anniversary Party, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we wanted to give you a little heads up about one of our biggest contests of the year, so you can plan ahead and get yer swatches ready!

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What’s your favorite Yarnia blend that you’ve made over the past year? It just might be our favorite, too! During our Five-Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, February 16, we’ll be accepting entries for Yarn of the Year.

Got a little bit of that favorite blend left over? Knit or crochet up a little swatch and bring it in! If your yarn is chosen as our Yarn of the Year, we’ll carry it here in the shop as a house blend (or as close a match as we can, given the fibers on hand), and not only will you get to name it, but you’ll also win a $25 Yarnia gift card!

Don’t have any yarn left over that’s calling to you? You can come into the shop and make up a blend anytime up until the evening of the party itself, to submit for consideration. Who knows? Your next custom blend just might be the winner!

Official Rules: All entries must be submitted in person on the evening of Saturday, February 16, or sent via mail to arrive by that same time.  Entries must be in swatch form, at least 10 stitches (or chains) by 10 rows in size. Knowing the fiber content is useful, but not necessary.  However, there will be room on the entry form to suggest projects that would show off the best of your yarn, so come with a few ideas! The winner will be contacted by the end of the following week, and announced both on the blog, and in next month’s newsletter.Entries will be judged based on versatility, creativity, novelty, replicability, and personal taste of the judges 🙂

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